Published: Sat, April 21, 2018

Nanny who killed children while parents away convicted of murder

Nanny who killed children while parents away convicted of murder

A NY jury has found a nanny guilty of murdering the two young children she had been caring for, rejecting her claim that she was too mentally unstable to understand what she was doing when she stabbed them to death in the bathroom of their Upper West Side apartment in 2012.

The nanny's defence team argued she suffered from "chronic mental illness" and was mentally incapable of being held responsible for her actions.

Ortega's defense attorney Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg had argued that her client was mentally ill and was "suffering from severe psychosis" and "dissociation" at the time of the killings.

According to Los Angeles Times, Lucia-known as Lulu to friends and family-had defensive wounds on her body after being stabbed more than 30 times with a knife. Yoselyn Ortega, the family's nanny of two years, was standing there and had stabbed herself in the neck, prosecutors said. Prosecutors had alleged that the nanny waited until she was the only adult in the apartment before selecting two knives from the kitchen and butchering the children.

"She did it intentionally with a full understanding of exactly what it was she was doing - every stab, every slash", Assistant District Attorney Stuart Silberg said during closing arguments. "The reason for the defendant's actions lay within her delusional mind", she said, local station CBS2reports. Marina Krim discovered their bodies in the bathroom of their apartment after returning home when Lucia was not at her dance class, waiting to be picked up.

Ortega was charged with two counts each of first- and second-degree murder, punishable by a maximum sentence of life in prison.

"You're evil and you like this, she screamed".

"They still had this ideal skin and these long eyelashes", Kevin Krim said. 'I don't even know where it came from.

"They had like sandy brown hair ..."

Jurors, who deliberated for more than a day, said the trial affected them deeply.

Following the verdict, Vance said "cases like this are so hard".

The father's testimony brought tears to the jurors and to people seated in the courtroom gallery.

Kevin Krim, the kids' father and Marina's husband, had just landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport from a business trip when he learned of his kids' deaths from NYPD officers.

The Krims still live in NY and have gone on to have two more children.

Insanity defenses rarely succeed in NY, where proving mental illness is not enough to find a defendant not responsible for a crime. They use a Facebook page to post updates on how they are doing, writing about the arrival of two new children, Felix born in 2013 and Linus in 2016. "But again, I think we really worked hard on not being adversaries with each other but in truly trying to understand what everyone in the room was saying". In the wake of the tragedy, the Krims founded The Lulu & Leo Fund and Choose Creativity, an organization that offers parents and schools a creativity curriculum based on 10 principles of creativity "that can help anyone thrive and build resiliency in all facets of their lives", according to its website. "NYC, Lulu and Leo loved you and I love you too!"

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