Published: Thu, April 26, 2018
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Apple Says iOS 11 is Now Installed on 76% of iOS Devices

Apple Says iOS 11 is Now Installed on 76% of iOS Devices

Apple reluctantly addressed these issues today with the release of its iOS 11.3.1 update, maintaining its stance surrounding third-party components.

iOS 11.3.1 is now available to download. Instead, it is meant to fix a much-discussed bug that rendered touch input unresponsive on iPhone 8 units with non-genuine replacement screens. The issue surfaced with the iOS 11.3 update that was released last month.

An Apple logo is seen on the building's facade. According to Apple, these third-party parts are to blame for the difficulties experienced by iPhone 8 users.

Apple's first few quarters after releasing a new iPhone always have the potential to make CEO Tim Cook look like a fool: Is the latest iPhone truly the "best iPhone ever made?"

Apple has revealed within new statistics on Wednesday shared to the App Store support page for developers that iOS 11 installations are up 11 percentage points since January, meaning 76 percent of iOS devices are now running a version of iOS 11.

If you replaced your iPhone 8 display recently through a third party using non-genuine or non-OEM parts, you might have gotten a surprise when you updated to iOS 11.3; the touch screen stopped working or did not respond accurately.

Apple iPhone or iPad users can now manually check for the update and also download and install it on their compatible devices.

Apple in a statement said that they have fixed the issue with the iOS update 11.3.1 but also warned people about using the third party fix shops for iPhone.

The data shows 19 percent of devices continue to use iOS 10, while 5 percent of devices use earlier versions of iOS, such as iOS 9 and below. It addresses a memory corruption issue by improving error handling.

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