Published: Tue, May 01, 2018

Houthis Reportedly Launch Eight Ballistic Missiles Toward Saudi Arabia

Houthis Reportedly Launch Eight Ballistic Missiles Toward Saudi Arabia

The alliance imposed a total blockade on Yemen's ports in November in retaliation for the rebel missile attacks.

Colonel Yahya Abdullah Al-Qahtani, a spokesperson for Jazan's Civil Defence Directorate, said shrapnel from the projectile resulted in the death of a Saudi national.

He is the most senior Houthi official to be killed by the coalition since Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen three years ago to fight the Houthi rebels and help reinstate ousted President Mansour Hadi.

The attacks come as a public funeral was held in Sanaa for a leading Houthi official.

The Houthis have become increasingly daring in their attacks on Saudi Arabia, including attempted strikes on the capital Riyadh.

Eyewitnesses in Sanaa reported Saudi-led air raids on Saturday near the downtown rally for the burial of Saleh al-Samad, the president of the political body that runs Houthi-controlled northern Yemen.

The Saudi-led war began in March 2015 in support of a former Riyadh-friendly Yemeni regime.

The rebels launched eight ballistic missiles towards Japan, aimed at "economic and vital targets".

Saudi Arabia accuses its arch-rival Iran of smuggling missiles to the Houthis - a charge Tehran denies.

In response to the Houthi advances, a coalition of Arab states led by Saudi Arabia launched a military campaign in 2015 to defeat the Houthis and restore Yemen's government.

Saudi state-run television offered the report early Saturday, saying more than 50 were killed. At the same time, the Houthis claim that the air strikes killed only civilians.

That dispatch followed a far more detailed report on the strike by Al Arabiya, a Dubai-based satellite news network now believed to be majority-owned by Saudi Arabia.

According to the TV channels "Ahmaria" and "al-Arabiya" and the Reuters, in the night of Saturday, the air force Saudi coalition attacked the complex of buildings of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Yemen in Sana'a. It said over 38 Houthi fighters including the two leaders were killed.

The coalition considered al-Sammad as the No. 2 leader after the group chief Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

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