Published: Mon, May 07, 2018
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Google Creates Political Ad-Buying Guidelines, Searchable Database Of Advertisers, Spend

Google Creates Political Ad-Buying Guidelines, Searchable Database Of Advertisers, Spend

The move is a first step towards Google making USA election advertising on the web, but only addresses ads about candidates running for office - not "issue ads".

Google had promised to tighten security and increase election ad transparency past year, and to follow up on its promises it has now put in place new policies to make political ads more transparent than ever before.

Google announced a policy change Friday that says advertisers must now prove they are USA citizens or lawful residents in order to buy political ads.

Google says it will do a better job of verifying the identity of political ad buyers in the USA by requiring a copy of a government-issued ID and other information.

Google's new verifications, however, will be focused on ads about candidates and not on political and social messages.

This summer, the company also plans to release a Transparency Report that will show who buys election ads on its service and how much they paid.

While Facebook may have their issues with political ads well in hand, Google has been somewhat silent on the issue.

Google to verify advertisers in the US.

Google today is saying it will do the same in the future, and expand coverage to more elections. In addition to the industry-leading protections in our consumer products, we've developed a range of Protect Your Election tools with Alphabet's Jigsaw that are specifically tailored for people who are at particularly high risk of online attacks.

And, on Thursday, Google also announced improvements to its Advance Protection Program which now includes support for native Apple iOS apps, protecting users of those programs, specifically those vulnerable to phishing scams or hacking, like journalists or campaign staff.

The changes come as Google is attempting to prevent foreign governments from interfering in elections through its platforms.

This week, we're rolling out new policies for USA election ads across our platforms as we work to meet those commitments. "Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months".

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