Published: Mon, May 07, 2018
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Yemen's Houthi rebels fire 2 missiles at Saudi oil facility

Yemen's Houthi rebels fire 2 missiles at Saudi oil facility

"One hopes that the Green Berets will be able to not only help the Saudis identify launch sites and material depots, but the launchers that enable the Houthi missile force to become mobile".

Spokesman for the coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen Colonel Turki al-Maliki said that the missiles were directed at the city of Najran.

In 2015, a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia began bombing the Houthis, who have responded by firing missiles into the kingdom.

"We have deployed liaisons to Saudi Arabia in part to share best practices with the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) and advise them on how to avoid civilian casualties".

A Pentagon spokesperson, Major Rankine-Galloway, previously told Business Insider that the United States sells weapons to countries in the Saudi-led coalition, as well as provides "limited intelligence sharing", aerial refueling for coalition jets, and training to make coalition airstrikes more precise. The Saudi military said it intercepted the missile over the city's global airport, a claim that was cast in doubt by an analysis of photos and videos of the strike. Sources also told the newspaper that the United States troops are training their Saudi counterparts to secure the border with Yemen. The commandos are reportedly helping Saudi forces to "locate and destroy" ballistic missiles and launch sites, which are used by the Houthis to strike targets within Saudi Arabia.

As noted at the end of the New York Times piece, the Houthis favor mobile and easily-hidden missile launchers, so targeting them is very hard.

This contracts official Pentagon statements, which note that the USA military assistance to the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen is limited to intelligence, logistics and aircraft refuelling.

This secret operation directly contradicts previous claims by the Pentagon that U.S. If the Yemeni insurgents ever manage to hit Riyadh's airport with an ICBM, the loss of civilian life would be staggering, and the death toll would very likely include Americans and Europeans.

Defense Minister Ali Mohammed Salem was quoted by local media as saying that the benefits and drawbacks of Sudan's participation are under evaluation.

In the eastern front of al-Baidah governorate, Yemeni army forces managed to defeat the Houthi militias in several positions. Houthi sources also claim to have destroyed a number of armored vehicles in the attack.

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