Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
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Donald Glover delivers great art in 'This is America' video

Donald Glover delivers great art in 'This is America' video

Praiseworthy tweets for the Atlanta-native continued pouring in from the late night until early Sunday morning.

Glover as Gambino won a Grammy this year for best traditional R & B performance for his song "Redbone" and premiered two new songs on "SNL", titled "Saturday" and "This Is America".

With "This is America, " pop culture's most important multi-hyphenate confronts many issues now facing "the land of the free and home of the brave" - racism, gun violence and police brutality.

Upcoming star - fight us - of the Solo movie, Donald Glover, hosted SNL this week, and also performed as musical guest, Childish Gambino. His gunning down of the gospel choir singing the lyric suggests that he's exhausted of the pressure to accumulate wealth, to be performatively black, and stay spiritually uplifted in an age of gun violence.

At one point, the crew notices on social media that Kanye's at Chrissy Teigen's baby shower for baby No. 2.

Glover does another musical parody, this time offering an 1980's-inspired stalker song targeted at the entirely wrong person.

As he proceeds to move through a barren warehouse, Glover's celebratory and joyful dance moves provide a jarring contrast the chaotic scenes of unrest playing on in the background. The stunning visual and shocking video juxtaposes riots, police and gun violence happening with Childish and others dancing, ignoring the chaos around them. The accompanying music video for the more serious "This Is America" dropped online shortly before the episode aired. The conversation of gun violence has re surged, as it is almost impossible for anyone with a pair of working eyes to be oblivious to the blatant message being allocated.

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