Published: Tue, May 08, 2018

Hawaii on high alert after day of earthquakes, more lava fissures

Hawaii on high alert after day of earthquakes, more lava fissures

Meanwhile, video captured earlier in the weekend showed eruptions gobbling up streets, cars, homes and utility poles. "So long as that offer is there, the eruption will proceed", U.S. Geological Survey volcanologist Wendy Stovall stated. Yesterday's strong earthquakes were responsible for some of these plumes and associated ashfall, both from Kilauea Volcano's summit lava lake and the Puu Oo vent.

The USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said Sunday afternoon that since the overnight hours, eruptions of lava from cracks in the ground have been continuous.

Two new volcanic vents, from which lava is spurting, developed Friday, bringing the number formed to five.

26 homes were destroyed when lava shot out through a collection of more than 26 fissures opening up in the area.

Most people in the area don't have policies with natural disaster coverage, insurance agent Marc Dixon told CNN affiliate KITV.

But officials had cautioned that while the lava flow was quiet, it wouldn't be for long. The lava has flowed into nearby woods and residential areas, burning trees and houses.

"Please be aware that because of unstable conditions that involve toxic gas, earthquakes and lava activities, lines of safety can change at any time", Hawaii Civil Defense said.

Puna has thick jungle as well as dark fields of lava rock from past eruptions.

Fewer than a dozen people hadn't evacuated, Magno said, none of them in "the real hot zone".

Local resident Ikaika Marzo said to Hawaii News Now that he had witnessed fountains of lava spewing as high as 125 feet.

Lava has spread around 36,000 square meters (387,500 square feet) surrounding the most active fissure, though the rate of movement is slow. On Sunday, a lava flow was moving away from Fissure No. 8 at significantly less than 1 miles per hour, Stovall said. Currently, lava flows from active fissures are sluggish and not moving very quickly or far. If their homes are damaged by lava that causes fire, that may be covered as a fire peril under their policy. "There's a lot of lava or magma under the ground so eventually it's going to come up".

Almost 2,000 people on Hawaii's Big Island have been evacuated from homes after lava eruptions destroyed five houses and sulfur dioxide gas threatened to harm anyone who stayed in the residential area, officials said.

The estate's 1,700 resident community were evacuated following the eruption on Friday morning and housed in Red Cross shelters.

Volcanic activity continues on Kilauea's east rift zone, near Pahoa, Hawaii. That means that in the area, ten have opened since last Thursday.

Amber Makuakane confirmed to the AP on Sunday that her property in Leilani Estates is one of at least nine that officials say was destroyed by Kilauea volcano. Although the quake could be felt across much of the archipelago, the worst shaking occurred in an area with no neighborhoods or businesses.

More smaller earthquakes have hit the area frequently since the initial shock. "The absence of additional deformation in the past day suggests a pause in magma acculumation in the distal part of the intrusion", the scientists said.

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