Published: Tue, May 08, 2018

Kanye West reacts to Donald Glover mocking him in SNL parody

Kanye West reacts to Donald Glover mocking him in SNL parody

After all the headlines Kanye West made in the past week, it was inevitable that SNL would address the rapper's antics, and the show did just that in a sketch called "A Kanye Place", a parody of the current hit horror film A Quiet Place. And while the rapper can get fired up about some things, he had a light-hearted response to the sketch. So naturally, Saturday Night Live wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to offer up a humorous take on the continuing Kanye circus. Glover is the last one standing in the end, but he's powerless compared to Ye's tweets. In an episode full of surprises, including an appearance from Stormy Daniels in the opening sketch poking fun at the president's Russian Federation scandal, Glover's timing is absolutely ideal.

Over the past week or so, one of the most discussed news stories, for better or worse, has been Kanye West being...well, peak Kanye West.

Rage-fueled outbursts over West having a signed Make American Great Again hat and West being at Chrissy Teigen's baby shower with Jesse Tyler Ferguson caused the monster to come for Thompson and Strong, respectively. In fact, he indicated he enjoyed the sketch.

The remaining cast, Glover, Bryant, and Bennett remained hooked to West's tweets and talked about his music and other controversial issues. "There are MUCH bigger things in this world that we should be anxious about and paying real attention [to]".

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