Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
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Microsoft announces tools at Build for AI, intelligent cloud, edge computing

Microsoft announces tools at Build for AI, intelligent cloud, edge computing

Microsoft Build has been more of a developer conference rather than being an open stage for all.

Brainwave is now in preview on Azure and Microsoft also promises to bring support for it to Azure Stack and the Azure Data Box appliance. The growth of so-called "edge computing" will see increasingly smarter devices develop, able to do their own local processing before feeding what's important to the cloud. Microsoft also announced today a new feature called Your Phone, that's created to show you the most important information about your phone directly on your PC so that you don't have to switch between your Windows 10 PC and smartphone when working on an essay or document.

The chips will initially be available within Microsoft's Azure machine learning service for 42 cents an hour.

It is also being speculated that Microsoft will unlikely not discuss the Xbox and its related software at the Build 2018.

A few other notable announcements from Microsoft's event include a new AI for Accessibility program to help improve development of AI for people with disabilities.

Microsoft's Visual Studio comes with "Live Share" capability allowing developers to edit in real time with tools like Visual Studio 2017 and VS Code.

They've also announced that Custom Vision will run on Azure IoT edge, bringing the Azure Cognitive Service for vision to the edge, so that devices on the edge will be able to use vision to make decisions and take action without a cloud connection. The company is also expected to announce deeper AI integration for Office 365 and its Translator app.

Nadella also pointed to Microsoft's internal efforts to establish an ethics board for artificial intelligence technology.

This "Your Phone" experience, according to Belfiore, will let you do things like view and drag photos from the phone window on the computer to another folder, and to view text messages and notifications.

On Android, the Timeline feature will be integrated within the Microsoft Launcher app to support cross-device app launching. And finally, a new Windows feature called Sets will provide "an easier way to organize your stuff and get back to what you were doing"; developers will see their Universal Windows Platform work with Sets "from the start", as a way to help keep customers engaged, Microsoft said.

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