Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
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NFLPA files grievance on behalf of Reid

NFLPA files grievance on behalf of Reid

The NFL players union filed a grievance Monday on behalf of former 49ers safety Eric Reid, perhaps the most prominent NFL player who protested during the national anthem last season and who remains jobless almost two months after free agency began.

Reid told reporters last month he would not take a knee during the anthem, but the players' association contends a team isn't supposed to ask about such a protest.

Additionally, it promised that "at one club owner has ever asked Pre Employment interview queries about a player's no intent to demonstrate".

Eric Reid, an NFL safety, joined former teammate Colin Kaepernick in suing the league for collusion. Prior to the start of the current National Football League off-season, our Union directed the agents of free agent players who had participated in peaceful on-field demonstrations to collect, memorialize and report any relevant information about potential violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement by teams.

Just days after another player filed a grievance against the NFL claiming he has been blackballed for protests, the NFL Players Association filed a grievance against the Cincinnati Bengals for the way the franchise has approached conduct during the national anthem, according to the Washington Post. "We believe those questions are improper, given league policy".

Reid met with the Bengals on April 9 and was reportedly asked if he would kneel during the 2018 season. Reid is represented by lawyer Mark Geragos, the same man who is now representing Reid's former teammate, quarterback Colin Kaepernick, in his suit against the league.

"They did these selfless acts because they wanted to shine light on inequality and oppression".

Reid's lone visit in free agency was with the Bengals.

Reid remains unsigned after his rookie contract with the San Francisco 49ers expired in March.

Reid has indicated he won't protest during the anthem this season.

Many believe that Reid and Kaepernick remain on the free agent market due to their participation in racial and social justice protests during the national anthem.

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