Published: Tue, May 08, 2018

Who Knew? Jada Pinkett Smith & Gabriel Union Were Beefing for 17 Years!

Who Knew? Jada Pinkett Smith & Gabriel Union Were Beefing for 17 Years!

"She explained: "'Red Table Talk' is about raw truth, love and deep passion.

Jada revealed Will wasn't happy with her after the incident, and that the actor always stressed respect for Sheree as Trey's mother.

They both laughed recounting the serious challenges they had to overcome parenting Will's son Tre together.

A quick scan of their IMDb profiles says the actresses didn't work together on any projects during the time, but Union did co-star with Pinkett Smith's husband, Will Smith, in 2003's "Bad Boys II".

"Our Mother's Day episode happens to be one of my favorites", she shared. "You said, 'It's my house now'". That's what's amusing, 'cause I want Will to see this!

"What was his take?" "And you said, 'It's my house now'". "You took the initiative to make things right", Sheree responded.

"The hope, without sounding sappy, is the reason to do it on Facebook Watch is because that's that concept: you're going to get people talking and then they can comment and they can share and it does become a conversation instead of living in this isolated space", said Rakieten.

And when it came to what was the most hard part of the relationship for Sheree she didn't pull any punches.

The Breaking In star said despite their husbands being friends and sharing some of the same political views the two never sat down and spoke about what they were being told.

"I haven't gotten any TMI (too much information) moments, but I've gotten shocking moments", Jada explained.

"Thank you for loving my baby", Sheree added, touching an emotional Jada's arm.

They also talked about Will. "I thought it was important to have that conversation because she was my entry point to motherhood".

"I know this baby daddy is a lot!" I didn't give him what his brother and sister have.

The camera cut to Willow, who was watching the interview, and she had tears in her eyes.

Pinkett Smith revealed that they weren't afraid to crack open some hard subjects for her entire family, which of course includes her husband Will Smith.

Jada said she "had no idea" that her daughter was peeping in on her encounters.

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