Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
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Google's new Assistant voices are now live

Google's new Assistant voices are now live

Chief among them was a new celebrity voice, but soon Google's digital companion won't only sound more natural, but be more helpful, too. "LG has only begun to scratch the surface of what we will innovate in the AI ecosystem working collaboratively with cutting-edge, industry leading partners such as Google".

As the Google I/O keynote demo illustrated, Duplex is service that works in tandem with Assistant to place calls for the user. Along with the US, that includes regions within Europe, India, Canada, and Mexico.

"LG's unique partnership with Google allows us to be the first TV brand to offer the Google Assistant on our own OS which is a huge benefit for customers who are fans of webOS".

Explaining why the changes are being made, Upstill said: "In the almost 30 years since the world wide web launched, more than 2 billion websites have been created. Over the past 20 years, we've developed a lot of experience in connecting people with the right information, services and context, and we're putting that to work in Google Assistant." wrote Brad Abrams, Product Manager, Google Assistant. Google's leaders iSundar Pichai and Sergey Brin, have long said artificial intelligence is the future of the company and really- the future of our world. Google's artificial intelligence is getting smarter by the day, and that's more apparent than ever with this latest feature.

Google also last week updated actions that its assistant can perform on smartwatches powered by its Wear OS software.

"The are taking a very human approach to technology, and convincing you people can continue to rely on Google", Blau said. Several tech giants invested in AI-driven and voice interactive assistants with the aim of making our digital lives more convenient. The fantastic thing about these demos is how conversational, adaptable, and understanding the Assistant is. "Is Google going to hand over credit card details?"

Once the feature goes live, you'll be able to ask Assistant to book something for you. The Google Assistant will then mark it on your calendar and then remind you of the schedule.

What's more, the Assistant is able to answer more complex questions as well.

"Presumably there will need to be some regulation on what a bot needs to do in terms of announcing that it is a bot - this is already visible in online forums for example like Reddit where the bot posting makes it clear that they are a bot", he said. "This is why we have reimagined our news product".

He further announced to launch "smart compose" to all Gmail users this month and said the users will have someone completing their sentences.

Previously, A/C units were listed as thermostats inside the Google Home app, but that's about to change.

While Amazon's virtual assistant has trouble understanding the most basic questions in our house, Google's Assistant will soon take over basic tasks like booking a restaurant for me.

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