Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Heads West for Switch

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Heads West for Switch

After Monster Hunter World seemingly increased its reach across new gamers of the series, it's nearly certain that this release will be welcomed with open arms. Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on August 28. Also for the first time, players can team up via both local wireless and online multiplayer, whether playing docked or undocked.

Additionally, if you've played the original Monster Hunter Generations you'll be able to transfer over your save data.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an enhanced version of Monster Hunter Generations, which released on Nintendo 3DS in North America in 2016.

Monster Hunter fans might be happy to know that they will be getting their portable Monster Hunter fix with the upcoming Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Completing quests will yield valuable resources for crafting countless distinct weapons and equipment fashioned after players' defeated foes.

If you're not familiar with the lineage of Monster Hunter titles, then we apologize in advance for the explanation that we're about to put you through.

Meanwhile, newcomers can take advantage of the new Hunter Arts, which are super-powerful techniques that can be activated by hitting the touch screen.

The game is also very similar to Monster Hunter: World, especially as the Switch will have access to more traditional controls than those offered by the 3DS.

Colossal roster - Take on the series' largest roster of monsters to date including all-new monsters, Deviant variants, and the mysterious new Elder Dragon Valstrax. Enter G Rank. The toughest monsters await you, with new attacks and new behaviors. Some of the unique elements of Generations include special moves called Hunting Arts, a new system called Hunting Styles and the Prowler mode, which allows players to turn into Felyne companions and fight monsters.

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