Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
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Walmart pharmacies to restrict opioid prescriptions nationwide

Walmart pharmacies to restrict opioid prescriptions nationwide

The change will come into effect within the next 60 days, and will apply to all Walmart and Sam's Club pharmacies in the US and Puerto Rico.

The retailers said Monday that within the next sixty days, they will begin imposing the time limit on initial opioid prescriptions for acute pain, along with a mandate that the medications top out at 50 morphine milligrams per day.

1, 2020, e-prescriptions will also be required for controlled substances. The corporation says that e-prescriptions can not be altered and are "electronically trackable".

Walmart said it is imposing the seven-day limit and taking related steps "to continue to be part of the solution to our nation's opioid epidemic".

With deaths from opioid overdoses reaching new highs, Walmart and Sam's Club are taking action to help cut down the abuse of these drugs across the nation. Pharmacists are urged to provide naloxone recommendations for patients who may be at risk for overdose, according to CDC guidelines. In addition, where allowed by state law, pharmacies will have naloxone behind the counter and ready to dispense upon request.

Walmart said it offers DisposeRx, a powder for disposing of opioids, free in all of its pharmacies.

The company will conduct additional training and education on opioid stewardship for its pharmacists, including a pain management curriculum.

In 2017, CVS announced that it would enact a seven-day limit for opioid prescriptions for certain conditions and new patients. One possible pharmacy that could do this is Walgreens. The company believes this will help the distribution of medication via forged prescriptions.

The Bentonville, Ark. -based company operates more than 11,700 stores under 65 banners in 28 countries, as well as ecommerce websites. With fiscal year 2017 revenue of $485.9 billion, Walmart employs approximately 2.3 million associates worldwide.

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