Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
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Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Runs and Jumps Like a Human

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Runs and Jumps Like a Human

In February, we watched in abject horror as its four-legged SpotMini robot opened and scooted around doors easily. Boston Dynamics Founder and CEO Marc Raibert talked about how their priorities changed while they were part of Google, and how things have changed now that they're owned by SoftBank.

Boston Dynamics is upgrading from merely terrifying us with the sight of its lifelike robots to actually selling them, with sales of its dog-like 'bot expected to start next year.

The Boston Dynamics Atlas robot is running without a tether across normal terrain, and is doing so under battery power.

Google bought the Waltham, Massachusetts, firm in 2013, then sold it past year to Japanese tech giant SoftBank. No price has been set for the robot yet, though Raibert said making the latest prototype costs about one-tenth the price of earlier versions. As you can see in the video, Atlas seamlessly goes for a jog and jumps over a log. all on its own.

Thanks to the hard work of the engineers of the famous company Boston Dynamics, the Atlas robot cannot only run and lift on the order of both legs, but free to jump over obstacles in its path.

He also mentioned the possibility of building robots to help with construction projects, though he didn't provide any further details about that ambition on Friday.

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