Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
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Google working on technology that would help with everyday tasks

Google working on technology that would help with everyday tasks

It allows Google Assistant to make calls for you, reserve tables, book appointments and much more.

"It is something that we are really thoughtful about and thinking hard, about how we bring this to market", said Lillian Rincon, Product Management Director for the Google Assistant during a media briefing at Google I/O in Mountain View, California. More products are going to be on their way between now and the summer end. Google says the technology is rolling out as "an experiment" in coming weeks.

Google Maps also gets some new feature at Google I/O 2018. The new innovation imitates a human voice to make appointments. Google calls the previous and original voice "Holly".

Powered by a new technology we call Google Duplex, the Assistant can understand complex sentences, fast speech, and long remarks, so it can respond naturally in a phone conversation. The search bar in Google will also support diversified links to apps.

Google made the change in order to keep a consistent experience across all devices running the operating system. So engineers designed a way for children to receive digital praise when they act politely.

Another new feature related to Assistant is called Continued Conversation. This is by far the most exciting and best feature of Android P 9.0 if you ask me, from all other features.

When it rolls out for users, the Assistant, when booking a haircut, won't tell the salon employee that they're speaking to a robot.

Google's research has also shown that their AI model can predict cardiovascular events more accurately. Services such as food delivery and transportation will also be easier with the addition of third-party Actions available in the near future.

Now you'll see an array of static app cards.

After the Android 8.0 Oreo, Google presented the Android P Beta software at the Google I/O Conference. These devices and smart assistants are already being piloted in professional environments to accelerate creativity and productivity.

PHOTOS: When Google recognizes a photo of someone who is one of your contacts, it can suggest sending the photo to that person. Numerous new features center on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to help save time.

The Android P beta will only work on certain smartphone models. This gives users a preview of a story, and lets them decide where to go from there.

Google is bringing Google Home and Google Home Mini to seven new countries later this year: Denmark, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

Google News will rely on a "new set of AI techniques", according to the company.

"Our AI constantly reads the firehose of the web for you, for millions of articles, videos, podcasts and comments being published every minute".

These UI designs from third-party apps exist, for now, only within the search bar but Google expects to add these in overall Android P UI in the stable version of the OS. That's a myth that has so many people fruitlessly clearing away apps to save battery life (and burning screen time doing it). It will learn from the level of brightness in the environment, as well as settings changed by users over time.

The engineers who designed Duplex address the issue only vaguely in the company blog post. Hai Do was the editor. "We believe it's right to do this with transparency".

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