Published: Sun, May 13, 2018

19 killed in clashes in Myanmar

19 killed in clashes in Myanmar

Government spokesperson Zaw Htay said in a Facebook post that one police officer and three State-backed militia members had been killed, while 15 of the dead were civilians.

The TNLA is among more than a dozen ethnic rebel groups that have been fighting the government for greater autonomy for decades.

Rights defenders say clashes in northern Myanmar near the China border have ramped up in recent months as the global community focuses on the Rohingya crisis in the west of the country.

Images and video from the skirmishes shared on social media showed armed men fanning out across a residential street while a rebel soldier took cover behind a vehicle.

The Office of Commander-in-Chief issued a statement yesterday that KIA/TNLA insurgent groups jointly carried out attacks on a police camp on Pankham Bridge, head of Nankham Myoma People's Militia Group U Aike San's house, Manwain gate and Naungyan village near Pankham Bridge.

Ethnic insurgents in Myanmar killed 19 people, including four members of the security forces, in an attack on security posts and a casino near the border with China, a Myanmar government spokesman said on Saturday.

He called the operation "terrorism". "This is not an ethnic rights movement, this is a terrorist attack".

Those fleeing violence have sheltered in tents and even churches in Kachin, which is mainly Christian, as rights groups accuse the military of blocking aid.

He said the attack was in retaliation for recent attacks on TNLA outposts and for a military offensive against its ally - the Kachin Independence Army - in Kachin state, which occupies the southern tip of the Himalayas.

Myanmar's patchwork of ethnic groups make up around a third of the population.

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