Published: Sun, May 13, 2018

Mum, 4 children among 7 killed

Mum, 4 children among 7 killed

Seven people, including four children, were killed in a shooting near the Margaret River in western Australia on Friday, The Guardian reported.

It's the country's worst mass shooting since the Port Arthur massacre in 1996.

The weapons were all registered to Peter Miles, 61, and were found on his 30 acre sustainable farm in Osmington where he, along three generations of his family were found dead on Friday, police said. There, they found seven bodies - three adults and four children - and two guns.

"Police are not searching for any other suspect", Commissioner Dawson said.

One woman was located dead inside the main house, while another woman and four children were discovered inside a converted shed.

"This is an horrific tragedy for any person involved and, clearly, officers and other first responders attending these sort of scenes, they find it tragic".

"I have come here in my role as police commissioner to provide support to the community, first responders, the family of the victims and all of those who are really feeling the devastating impact of this bad tragedy".

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson revealed the firearms were licensed to Mr Miles.

Katrina Miles, 35, and her four children Taye, 13, Rylan, 12, Ayre, 10, and Kayden Cockman, 8, were among the victims, along with Peter Miles' and wife Cynda. "We know where the call was made from, we know who's phone the call was made from".

Another local woman who was a friend of both Katrina Miles and Cynda Miles, who did not want to be named, described Katrina as a dedicated and lovely mother to her equally lovely children.

"The reason police went to the property was from a telephone call which we've recorded", said Dawson, who would not comment on the identity of the caller.

Augusta Margaret River shire president Pam Townshend said community members were rallying around each other and counselling services were being offered at the town's Community Resource Centre.

But locals in the local community say they "can't get their head around" the suggestion that Mr Miles could be responsible.

A neighbor, Meg Janes, told Perth Now she heard the gunshots and assumed someone was shooting kangaroos but said in hindsight it was likely something far more sinister.

Homicide detectives are now assisting police, he said, adding that there was no danger to the public.

The worst mass shooting in recent US history was the Las Vegas shooting in October, where a gunman killed almost 60 people and injured more than 500.

After that attack, the government banned assault rifles, launched a mass firearm buyback program and imposed tight gun registration laws. Neighbors described Cynda Miles being "extremely active" in the community and participating in several local events and organizations.

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