Published: Sun, May 13, 2018
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YouTube 'Take a Break' Feature Rolling Out on Android Devices

YouTube 'Take a Break' Feature Rolling Out on Android Devices

In addition, there are just two added features inside the new YouTube notifications menu.

At the annual developer conference I/O 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai launched a new initiative called "digital wellbeing" aimed at helping people get rid of their smartphone addiction. What if you ran out of time on Instagram one day, but then get tagged in a post by a friend you know has terrible pictures of you? In Android P, you can mute the notifications from an app and that will be suggested to you if you swipe notifications to get rid of them.

Adaptive Brightness - The OS will track the brightness settings throughout the day and applies the brightness levels in a dynamic way without you having to do it manually. The OS comes with four new controls - Dashboard, App Timer, Do Not Disturb, and Wind Down.

The YouTube Take a rest feature can be found about the mobile app Putting display. As previously, the Google Play Store in the Indian region started showing apps size besides the apps icons, however, this wasn't seen in the west region.

You can not just open the app by ignoring the time limit either. When you search for an app in Google's search bar, you'll be shown a "slice" of a common action for that app. You will need to go back into the Settings. The whole system relies on people to turn on Do Not Disturb mode or to set time limits for themselves and then respect those. You will get a pop up that tells you that you have used up the time limit. There are still possible changes that could be made to the time limitations on the apps. It's not clear yet whether notifications for grayed-out apps would also be disabled, but even if they were, would you have the willpower to ignore what's going on in your online world? The testing allows for your device to black out completely at bed time. A feature called "Shush" is automatically activated after enabling DND.

Up-to-date Apps - The Android P will help notify the user of any updated apps that are being installed which does not use a recent SDK targeting Android 4.2 or later.

The on-screen interface for volume controls will also be moved closer to the hardware buttons so you can easily move the digital scroll bar after activating it with a single button press. Preset buttons are nice and all of that, but now you have more abilities to control what you want to do. Google will be tinkering around with the gestures and release more in the coming months.

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