Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
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Apple faces class action suit

Apple faces class action suit

Following numerous complaints (and even a petition or two), Apple has been hit with a class action suit over its faulty MacBook keyboards.

In the never-ending race to make the slimmest and lightest laptops, Apple, alongside other manufacturers, has been trimming the fat on its notebooks for years.

The complaint included multiple claims of an issue with the design of Apple's butterfly keyboard mechanism included in MacBook variants manufactured since 2015 and on MacBook Pro models since 2016. The lawsuit claims that the company knew about the flaw at or before the product was launched publically. It's gone through a couple of iterations, but failure rates have skyrocketed and MacBook Pro users claim that all of them are at risk of breaking or becoming stuck due to their innate fragility. On most occasions, the lawsuit went on to say "minimal amount of dust and debris" was enough for keyboard failure. Many users were forced to take their laptop for a trip to the service center. This keyboard, which has a polarised butterfly design, has been used on the company's MacBook and the 2016 MacBook Pro models. There were certain users whose laptops were out of warranty and it cost them dearly.

As evidence of the widespread fault, the claimants pointed to a petition on demanding Apple replace the "defective" keyboard mechanism, which had attracted 19,425 signatures at time of writing. Releasing their newest technology during the function, Phil Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing said that the new keyboards are "much more precise, accurate and are 4 times more stable than the older scissor mechanism". Apple chose to design its keyboard in such a way that to replace it, one would also have to replace the upper panel and several attached components. If this is indeed the case, Apple appears to have neglected to address the issue properly. A support document issued to some of the authorized service providers talks about a method of cleaning the keyboard with a can of compressed air.

The appellants are also accusing Apple of suggesting "self-help remedies".

The lawsuit is seeking damages from Apple to cover the legal fees, to pay for the cost of replacing the parts, and to reimburse consumers for expenses already incurred.

But for some users, the keyboard isn't flawless.

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