Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
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Ricciardo to get pre-race 'talking to'?

Ricciardo to get pre-race 'talking to'?

Drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were nearly seven-tenths of a second away from pole-man Lewis Hamilton, with Verstappen setting a time over two tenths slower than that of fourth-placed Kimi Räikkönen.

Verstappen said Red Bull's update has been a success, but admitted the limitations of their Renault power unit - compared to Mercedes and Ferrari - has hurt them at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

"Yep. Just going to say yes", he replied when asked if he would be able to challenge the Mercedes and Ferrari drivers ahead of him.

As for Ricciardo, the Aussie said: "The first thing I said afterwards was that I still want to race". "I don't know what I could have done more with what we had". But in general, I think they still trust us. I don't think it was just us in that moment, there was a build-up and maybe a way that we could have responded better, whether it was releasing a vehicle [from the pits] or something.

"We will race but with a little more margin - so I guess with a few millimetres more margin!"

The incident occurred when Ricciardo drove into the back of Verstappen, who moved to the left to defend having previously drifted to the right. "I don't think it affected me too much". "So it's even harder for us because we lose even more speed because of the friction from the tyres so we just lose more top speed".

Data from Friday practice suggested Mercedes led the way, but Red Bull appeared to be their closest challengers, particularly on one-lap pace.

"Once I committed I definitely committed early enough and at the time with a clear inside". [I] felt like if you got lucky you could put in a blistering lap but yeah, probably one out of five I could make it happen and the four other laps I was sliding and yeah, struggling to stay on.

"But that was like the end result, but it was due to that inside closing up".

Red Bull principal Christian Horner refused to blame one driver over the other at the time and said both were "in the doghouse". Because we crashed. Even if I had an opinion on it, we still crashed.

"Just fast but not with the ease to be able to do it for consistent laps for the whole race".

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