Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
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This Robot Dog Can Navigate Your Office Flawlessly

This Robot Dog Can Navigate Your Office Flawlessly

The creators of the SpotMini - the four-legged (and zero-headed) robot that is gaining global fame for its increasingly sophisticated skills - are ready to make them commercially available.

Raibert said the SpotMini, which they claim is the "quietest robot [they] have built", is already in pre-production and preparing for commercial availability in 2019.

The arm rests atop the SpotMini, and functions more like a pincer claw.

Boston Dynamics President Marc Raibert has confirmed at a conference that the company will start selling the SpotMini robot from next year.

It's unclear how much the robots will cost or who will be eligible to purchase them.

And now, we're a step closer to being able to see the action of this robot up close and personal.

The video demonstrates what this can look like from the machine's point of view; it showed an internal map of the SpotMini navigating from one point to the next, fully aware it needed to turn a corner.

In the first SpotMini video from 2016, we're shown the original robot performing various chores around the house, including loading up the dishwasher and throwing away trash. Following on from the viral success of the dog that opened doors and went downstairs, the robotics company Boston Dynamics has now released a video of a model which can run with eerie similarity to a human.

The robot is able to move around on rough terrain and jump over objects using stereo vision, range sensing and other sensors.

In another new video, the Humanoid Atlas robot - which is almost five feet tall - is seen jogging outside on grass and jumping over a log.

Last year, Japan's SoftBank bought Boston Dynamics from Google's parent Alphabet. The price was not disclosed.

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