Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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Durant lights up Rockets in Warriors' Game 1 win

Durant lights up Rockets in Warriors' Game 1 win

"They're the ones always winning and getting home-court advantage so hopefully we gained a little ground". They've been there, done that, and redesigned the t-shirt.

The metrics show Houston's defense is improved over last season.

You have to be Hakeem to get front row.

Harden had stretches of brilliance, and led Houston with 41 points, but he was unable to will his team to keep up with the Warriors once they got rolling. Thompson connected on 9-of-18 shots in Game 1. He's one of the best scorers ever, right?

The Celtics held LeBron James to 15 points on five-of-16 shooting in their blowout game-one victory over the Cavaliers. Trevor Ariza and P.J. Tucker combined for nine points in the first game. They anticipated correctly that their star power and healthy roster could handle a team constructed mainly to beat them.

The Warriors will test D'Antoni's theory to see if Durant's heroics can be withstood if the Rockets do clean up the other aspects of their game. Durant, who played just more than 40 minutes, was asked if he'd prefer to play the entire 48 minutes. "He can get a bucket as well as anybody on Earth".

When Harden hits a three 20 seconds into the game and Capela blocks Kevin Durant on the very next Warriors' possession, it looks like this night is going to live up to the hype too.

The Rockets couldn't double-team Durant - lest he pass the ball to a wide-open and nearly-as-lethal teammate - and they couldn't prevent a 7-footer with the ball handling skills of a point guard, the jumper of an elite shooting guard, and the height of a center from scoring 18 of his 37 points on mid-range jump shots. "But tonight, every time we did it, they made the shot". But Golden State flipped the script in the second quarter and outscored the Rockets by one, 27-26, to tie the game at 56-56.

Starting a playoff series on the road for the first time since 2014, the Warriors trailed by as many as 9 early, but had evened it up by halftime and used a big run at the beginning of the fourth quarter to pull away. Without the Rockets to contend with, the Warriors were such a prohibitive favorite at the Nugget to win the conference that they were eventually taken off the board. They need to play outraged in Game 2 Wednesday night.

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