Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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Watch The Leaked RAGE 2 Reveal Trailer

Watch The Leaked RAGE 2 Reveal Trailer

The game featured some role-playing game elements with an inventory system and looting. It also appears to show the giant mutants that featured in the first game. I'm sure Bethesda was saving this announcement for E3, but it's hard to contain all that rage when it comes down to it. In the lead-up to Rage's release, it was given a ton of attention for the fact that it was the first game built on the id Tech 5 engine. However, driving is a core mechanic of the game too. It was the final Id game that was made under the supervision of industry legend John Carmack.

The above Rage 2 trailer moves pretty quickly, cutting between scenes. There were five vehicle types in the first Rage, so hopefully we get more to drive at silly speeds and crash into our enemies. We also know that vehicle driving will return.

However, immediately after the Wal-Mart leaks, the official RAGE Twitter page gave an unorthodox response to the leak, rather than the usual "no comment" given to leaks. The video game company has shared a series of images that suspiciously coincide with one Walmart leak. Same goes for Gears of War 5, but with Microsoft's lack of exclusives, they may have been motivated to develop it.

Rather than denying the existence of the game or refusing to comment, Bethesda seemingly chose to have some fun with the leak. Last night, the Rage twitter account hinted at a reveal video today.

Rage 2 would, admittedly, be a great game world for a AAA battle royale and we imagine Bethesda is keen to seize on the current popularity of this genre in some way. However, Bethesda seems to be taking full advantage of all of their properties with new additions to the Doom, Wolfenstein, and Prey franchises in the past few years. Bethesda will be releasing the gameplay trailer some time tomorrow, May 15th.

That should mean an official announcement is due later today.

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