Published: Wed, May 16, 2018

Gov. Rauner seeks to reinstate death penalty

Gov. Rauner seeks to reinstate death penalty

Rauner added his proposals, which include a ban on the sale of bump stocks and trigger cranks, to a bill that would establish a 72-hour waiting period for all gun purchases. "That is just so atrocious, so evil that they deserve to give up their life".

Democrats pushed back. Senate President John Cullerton of Chicago said in a statement that "the death penalty should never be used as a political tool to advance one's agenda". Pat Quinn signed legislation that officially repealed the death penalty in 2011. "I was a few months from being executed, I would have been executed had George Ryan not pardoned", said Orange Rauner's plan came under fire from many sides.

"Doing so is in large part why we had so many problems and overturned convictions", Cullerton said.

Rauner's changes would create a new category of homicide called "death penalty murder". "You're saying that some lives are more valuable than other lives, and that's not acceptable".

The release says the definition of "mass murderer" would be for anyone who is convicted of murdering two or more people and who was, "found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt". Going further, it would require judges and prosecutors to explain when plea agreements are negotiated with violent offenders in gun crimes and move to fund additional school resource officers and mental health professionals to tackle violence on campus. Rauner's office says the IL tourism industry supported 335,500 jobs in 2017, an increase of 18,600 jobs since 2015. Dunham, whose organization is officially neutral on the death penalty but often criticizes its application, said a "beyond all doubt" standard would still be open to interpretation.

Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) has pronounced three amendatory vetoes being proposed by Gov. Bruce Rauner as "nonstarters" in terms of garnering his support.

The General Assembly, which is led by Democrats, can either override his amendments (causing the original bill to become law) or accept his changes. "The Governor's action today recognizes the need for a multi-pronged approach to dealing with deadly assaults".

"Gun violence has rocked the nation and our state", Rauner said. "By promoting authentic experiences across the state, we drive visitors deeper into IL, increasing visitor spending and generating more tax revenue for our communities", added Jobe.

Lawmakers will have to approve these proposals for them to take effect.

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