Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Internet Torn Over "Yanny" or "Laurel" Audio Clip

Internet Torn Over

A very helpful Twitter user adjusted the pitch of the recording to show this. Since there's a visual prompt in the video, your brain is already anticipating two specific possible words.

Some people say they hear "Yanny" while others hear "Laurel". "They are saying they hear "yanny" because they want attention...." another chimed in.

One Redditor's theory is that the word you hear depends on the amount of bass you hear in the device you're listening on, Select All reported. "What's the science behind that?"

"The low quality recording creates enough ambiguity in the acoustic feature that some listeners may be led toward the "yanny" perception", Story told PopSci.

Team Yahoo Lifestyle was split pretty much down the middle, with beauty editor Jacqueline Laurean Yates saying, "I don't hear Yanny AT ALL".

One Twitter user wrote: "How are y'all hearing Yanny?".

It's the new "the dress": A four-second audio clip has triggered a heated debate on the internet.

A video posted on Twitter Monday night contains a robotic voice pronouncing a name, but which one, exactly? Laurel or Yanny or both? So where, exactly, did this unholy resurrection of "The Dress" debate come from?

If you spent days of your life debating whether a certain viral dress was blue and black or white and blue in 2015, consider yourself warned that its spiritual successor is now circulating through the Internet.

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