Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Lavrov calls situation on Iran deal a 'crisis'

Lavrov calls situation on Iran deal a 'crisis'

That it is preparing to resume "industrial-scale" uranium enrichment "without any restrictions" unless Europe can provide solid guarantees that it can maintain trade ties despite renewed United States sanctions.

The White House says it is examining information released Monday by Israel allegedly detailing Iranian efforts to cover up the extent of its nuclear efforts before signing onto a 2015 accord meant to freeze the program.

"I want to stress we are under no illusion about the stuff Iran gets up to in the region, in the Middle East".

"We will look at potential options for supporting continued sanctions relief for Iran to ensure we meet our commitments under the deal".

Iran said it may resume uranium enrichment in a higher rate in weeks if it finds nuclear deal will not work anymore after the USA pullout from the deal.

In a statement Monday night, Pompeo says he "personally reviewed numerous Iranian files" and USA experts consider the documents they have reviewed so far to be authentic.

Washington's decision to withdraw from the deal and reimpose sanctions angered its European allies as well as China and Russian Federation. The grouping includes Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

Trump's move to ditch the nuclear deal has infuriated Washington's allies in Europe as well as China and Russian Federation.

"The Europeans have repeated on several occasions that they will not be able to resist U.S. sanctions".

"This deal is not a bilateral treaty".

Mohammad Javad Zarif is meeting with his counterparts from the UK, France and Germany as he rallies support for the 2015 nuclear deal in the wake of the pull-out by the Trump administration.

"It is exactly when the things don't go well that rationality, calm, predictability, respect, dialogue are the most needed to avoid the worst case scenarios, to avoid conflict to spiral out of control, " she said.

It seems that screaming, shouting, insulting and bullying, systematically destroying and dismantling everything that is already in place is the mood of our times. "As such, Iran could still be able to export oil to countries less concerned about United States sanctions", said the analysis.

GE is hit pretty hard here.

"Some disillusionment has set in over the past two years, as Iranians have not been seeing as much economic benefit as many of them had hoped and expected", said Paul Pillar, a 28-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency and fellow in the Center for Security Studies at Georgetown University. But the U.S. Treasury has warned its allies against doing business with Iran, saying companies have three to six months to wind down any deals in the country. It also reflects Macron´s insistence on being treated as America´s chief partner in Europe even at the expense of Europe's broader interests. But if Korea fails to get exempted from the law after the US revives its sanctions on Iran, the won-based payment system might be abolished.

For weeks, the State Department has been working to bolster security at US diplomatic posts around the Muslim world in advance of the embassy move, anticipating possible violence even as administration officials say the issue no longer galvanizes the Mideast the way it once did. According to the law, foreign economic institutions conducting transactions with the central bank in Iran are prohibited from doing business with USA -based financial institutions.

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