Published: Wed, May 16, 2018

Protesters Gather at US Embassy in Jerusalem on Day of Violence

Protesters Gather at US Embassy in Jerusalem on Day of Violence

"This provocation will only worsen the problems in the region and cause a deeper mark in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship, and will make peace in the region more hard", Yildirim added.

But the move infuriated Palestinians, who seek the eastern part of the city that Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war as their future capital.

The AP said that was the bloodiest day in the area since the 2014 war between Israel and Palestinians.

Israeli soldiers shot and killed dozens Palestinians during mass protests along the Gaza border, casting a shadow over Israel's festive inauguration of the new USA embassy in contested Jerusalem.

Numerous dead and wounded in Gaza were hit by sniper-fire, the health ministry said.

The violent backlash did not come as a surprise, Ardern said.

The opening of the Embassy happened a day after Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day, marking what Israelis consider the reunification of the city.

In a statement, the foreign ministry warned of the consequences of the relocation of the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, reports Xinhua. And yet, tens of thousands of Palestinians tossed rocks, burning tires and explosives at Israeli soldiers as well as flew fiery kites toward the Israeli border.

Hamas says it wants the protests to continue after Tuesday, but it is unclear if they will be sustained.

"Every country has an obligation to defend its borders", he said.

"We condemn the involvement of Hamas, a listed terrorist organization". "It's plain to see the effects of this decision and the ramifications are wide-reaching".

The White House said the embassy relocation would allow Israel to determine its own capital.

Palestinian supporters gathered on the steps of the U.S. Embassy on Sussex Drive to send a message to U.S. President Donald Trump - and to other leaders around the world - that the decision to allow the Americans to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem contravenes global law.

Palestinians refer to this exodus at the Nakba, or "catastrophe", and commemorate it with protests on May 15 of each year.

Iran's Foreign Ministry on Monday urged Muslims to unite against USA relocation of embassy in Israel, the state TV reported.

As the death toll continues to mount, United Nations rights experts are urging Israel to stop using excessive force against Palestinian protesters.

"May there be peace", President Donald Trump said in a video statement played at the event.

"All parties to the conflict have a responsibility to ensure the protection of civilians, to respect global law, avoid incitement to violence and to limit the use of force", Austen said in his statement. "They need to stop being fooled that there is a two-state solution".

The ceremony took place at what until now had been a U.S. consulate building in Jerusalem. "Certainly we feel no closer today than we did six months ago".

Some 50,000 Palestinians protested at the border on Monday.

Israeli's Ambassador Consulate General Dani Dayan says it's not that simple.

The Israeli military said it also launched airstrikes Monday targeting a camp run by Hamas.

The first victim to be named was Anas Hamdan Qdeih, a 21-year-old, who was shot dead by Israeli forces east of Khan Younis, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

"All parties to the conflict have a responsibility to ensure civilians are protected", she said.

But Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah accused the United States of "blatant violations of global law". The United States setting up an Embassy there purposefully undermines the Palestinian position and makes peace less likely. "It's just that the media haven't wanted to cover it, and they would prefer to blame President Trump".

"We talk about the Gaza strip as if it's an independent sovereign country and it's not", Amireh said.

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