Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Tesla that smashed into fire authority truck was on Autopilot, driver claims

Tesla that smashed into fire authority truck was on Autopilot, driver claims

After a hard first year of Model 3 production, Tesla is running out of investor patience (and, more importantly, money), and Musk is gambling that the company will be cash-flow positive by the end of the year thanks to an increased Model 3 production rate.

Ensuring that drivers stay engaged and alert when using Autopilot is extremely important. "However, Tesla's assembly line was plagued with 'production bottlenecks" which prevented the company from reaching its goal.

Tesla faces a slew of other issues, from increased skepticism over its finances to safety probes by regulators.

Regulators are also looking into the performance of the Autopilot system in the March crash of a Tesla Model X SUV that crashed on a California highway.

"Even in the owners manual for the Tesla ... it says that they're semi-autonomous and the driver must still be aware of the road at all times, be attentive to the road, and be in physical control at all times in case of the need to take evasive maneuvers", Winkler said. "Eyetracking rejected for being ineffective, not for cost".

Tesla's record of miles driven could not be confirmed by Reuters. Winkler said they expect to see a report back from Tesla in a matter of days.

After a rough start to the week - Tesla shares closed down 3 per cent Monday after Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk announced a "thorough reorganization" - Jonas' latest call is further weighing on the stock Tuesday, with shares down as much as 3.9 per cent in morning trading.

Tesla said it had not yet received vehicle data and did not yet know the facts, including whether Autopilot was engaged.

The driver of the Tesla Model S (28-year-old female from Lehi, Utah) was subsequently interviewed by the South Jordan Police and said that she had been using the "Autopilot" featurein the Tesla.

The National Transportation Safety Board has not opened an investigation into the crash, spokesman Keith Holloway said, though it could decide to do so. The 28-year-old driver of the vehicle told police in suburban Salt Lake City that the system was switched on and that she had been looking at her phone before the Friday evening crash.

Swiss firefighters have indicated the impact of a fatal crash involving a Tesla auto may have triggered a battery fire, causing the vehicle to go up in flames.

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