Published: Thu, May 17, 2018

Shooting death of Pa. suspended school teacher ruled a homicide

Shooting death of Pa. suspended school teacher ruled a homicide

A Pennsylvania teacher was found shot to death on Mother's Day in her mom's driveway as she was facing allegations of inappropriate conduct with a teenager.

Neighbours said DelTondo had just returned from an ice cream parlour when multiple shots shattered the quiet suburban neighbourhood. Others counted between 10 and 12 shots fired. But four months later, DelTondo and her fiance called off the wedding. After not appearing for a hearing, Cherico was ordered by a court to pay the DelTondos $4,600.

Griffin contacted the designer, who cited family emergencies as the reason behind the delay, and the DelTondo family received their money.

How Did Rachael DelTondo Die?

DelTondo's engagement ended around the time of her suspension and her wedding to a prominent local businessman was scrapped.

They've been canvassing the neighborhood, reviewing surveillance tapes, and have sent DelTondo's cell phone and others to a lab in Harrisburg to unlock the data, texts and communications.

Lozier would not talk about possible suspects or a person of interest.

CBS Pittsburgh met DelTondo past year when she was the subject of a CBS Pittsburgh report as a bride-to-be in a dispute over her custom wedding dress.

Earlier a year ago, DelTondo was in the press over a dispute with a bridal shop over her wedding dress.

School officials and members of the media received an anonymous email in October 2017, containing the 2016 Aliquippa police incident report which implied she inappropriately met with a 17-year-old boy, Times Online reported.

The incident, which took place early 2016, involved an officer finding Deltondo and the juvenile parked near Aliquippa Hospital property, noting that "the windows were steamed over and the engine was not running".

She reportedly told officers she was talking with a "former student", but school CEO Brian Hayden confirmed the pupil was never registered at the school.

After DelTondo's fiancé called off the wedding - after the alleged incident occurred, but before the alleged incident was made public - DelTondo reportedly attempted to purchase the $10,000 wedding dress that she'd put a deposit down on in order to resell it.

Authorities are reviewing surveillance video and DelTondo's cellphone for clues. Inside the vehicle they found the teenager and DelTondo.

DelTondo had been living under a cloud after she was suspended in November from the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School.

DelTondo had been suspended after confidential information was leaked from the police department regarding an encounter between her and an underage student from another school. However, investigators have not revealed information about the case at this time.

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