Published: Thu, May 17, 2018

Tigers Players Debate Whether Sound Says Laurel or Yanny

Tigers Players Debate Whether Sound Says Laurel or Yanny

Scientists say if you hear Yanny, you are more likely to hear higher frequencies.

The clip was posted to Twitter by YouTube personality Cloe Feldman and the tweet had almost 14 million views by late Wednesday afternoon.

Two days ago the audio clip went viral after YouTube personality Cloe Feldman tweeted it asking if people heard Laurel or Yanny.

That clip was then shared across social media like wildfire, creating heated debates between those who think it's "Laurel" and those who think it's "Yanny'".

We also took to the streets to find out what Ottawans heard, and you can check out the responses in the video above. If you have hearing loss, it could affect a particular frequency, allowing you to hear only one of the two variations. "Yanny" can clearly be heard when the pitch is lowered, and "Laurel" can be heard when the pitch is raised. Why would people hear two totally different words? "However, there is a significant difference in the second and third resonances of the two words, which is how humans interpret the words", she said.

What is the recording actually saying?

They said older adults tend to start losing their hearing at the higher frequency ranges.

"We're not listening to an actual speaker - we're listening to manipulated speech, and that is a bit harder", he said. He says it sounds like "Laurel". First, listen to this noisy clip and see if you can hear a sentence.

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