Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Trump repeats misleading claim on Iran's military budget

Trump repeats misleading claim on Iran's military budget

Whatever their impressions might have been, that's not what came to pass.

It seems clear that, from Trump's perspective, the Iran deal and the diplomatic advances with North Korea are closely related - and that his policy of "maximum pressure" is paying off.

In making his abrupt announcement last week, the President said "we can not prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement". It was impossible to monitor Iran from the outside prior to this deal. But they warned there was a risk that deteriorating conditions in Iran would push prices to $100, a level not seen since 2014.

On Saturday, the air travel currency cap was decreased from €10,000 to €5,000, and €2,000 for ground/sea travel. So that leaves Europe as the wild card.

Trump added that he will not sign the waiver of nuke-related sanctions against Iran.

The Iranian foreign minister will thus have consultations will all parties to the nuclear deal, except for the US.

"Do we accept extraterritorial sanctions?"

Meanwhile, the USA government tried to further pinch Iran's finances by disrupting a currency exchange network allegedly used to transfer millions of dollars to Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Yet it doesn't need rocket science to understand Europe would never make the strategic mistake of standing alongside the Iranian regime in the face of crippling United States sanctions.

"We'll have to take into account the negative effect of any primary or secondary sanctions, which would reintroduce the U.S., for European companies", said O'sullivan on may 14, speaking at the analytical center Atlantic Council (Washington).

U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin also noted in an announcement that "sanctions will be reimposed subject to certain 90 day and 180 day wind-down periods".

"We are ready to talk to all the companies concerned about what we can do to minimise the negative consequences", Altmaier told Deutschlandfunk radio.

By pulling out of the deal, the United States also undermined the diplomatic efforts to global issues, he added.

Israel and its allies have blamed the Iranian Revolutionary Guards for initiating Thursday's exchange by launching missiles into the occupied Golan Heights.

Germany said it would spend the next few months trying to persuade Washington to change its mind.

These Israeli strikes are meant not to trigger a full-on war, which Israel doesn't want, but to goad Iran into a response that turns Europe against it and helps ensure that the Europeans lose whatever appetite they might now have to challenge Trump's sanctions. What goes less discussed are the Iranian regime's domestic troubles.

Some Western media believe that the JCPOA without the cooperation of the United States is no longer valid. And if it gives Netanyahu's polling numbers a boost in the process, even better.

The deal between Iran and six world powers lifted most global sanctions in 2016 in return for Tehran curbing its nuclear programme, under strict surveillance by the United Nations, to stockpile enriched uranium for a possible atomic bomb.

Meanwhile, European diplomats in Tehran fumed that Trump's decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal could undermine years of patient work to restore commercial and diplomatic ties with the Islamic Republic. Hence we should carefully and smartly watch the positions of the European Union, and especially the three countries of Germany, France and Britain on Iran's nuclear and missile programs to be able to take the proper decision and measures.

Any agreed solution to the threat from Iran must include the following: Snap inspections of all Iranian suspected nuclear facilities, including military ones.

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