Published: Fri, May 18, 2018

A New Whitney Houston Documentary Reveals A Heartbreaking Childhood Secret

A New Whitney Houston Documentary Reveals A Heartbreaking Childhood Secret

Whitney, a documentary on late singer Whitney Houston that debuted at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, has stated that the Grammy victor was allegedly sexually abused as a child by her cousin Dee Dee Warwick.

'People thinks it's so easy, but it's not, ' says Whitney. It covers her struggle with addiction through the eyes of her family and friends and the entry point for instability in her relationship with Bobby Brown.

The biggest bombshell comes near the end, as Macdonald digs into whether Houston may have been carrying around childhood trauma that affected the course of her troubled life. "I had a feeling that there was something wrong with her", he said. Pressure came at her on all sides.

"That was just an intuition, and then somebody mentioned it off-camera to me".

"She talks about what Whitney felt and what effect it had on her".

Although Macdonald does not use the words "sexual abuse", it is implied that is what he means.

Macdonald brought it up during an interview with Gary and his wife Pat Houston, who served as Whitney's manager.

Mary Jones, Houston's aunt, and the person who found her body, said that Houston told her the same thing.

Speaking ahead of the film's premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June, the Scot said: "All the experts I spoke to about this area and this issue told me it's best to talk about these things and best for them to be out". He told Vanity Fair he persuaded Jones to speak on the record just two weeks before the final cut of his documentary was locked in. Dee Dee, also a Grammy-nominated singer who sometimes sang background vocals for Aretha Franklin, died in 2008, but Houston's drug problems would continue to haunt her until her tragic death in 2012. "She felt uncomfortable in her personal pores and skin in almost each interview there was along with her", he advised Deadline. "It was kind of a detective story to get that piece of information, which changed how I felt about Whitney and how I felt about the story".

Describing himself as a detective wasn't a hat that he necessarily wanted to wear at the beginning of filming.

Directed by Kevin Macdonald, the movie pledges a theater experience that will be an "unprecedented, unflinching and honest" portrait of the legendary late singer.

"I had a sense that there was something like that behind it", he said. A lot of lies, and that just, of course, makes you more intrigued. "How much do you think you spend?" "By understanding, you humanize".

"It made her question her sexual preference", Jones said, according to Entertainment Weekly. One of them, Gary, was also abused.

On Wednesday morning, ahead of said screening, the first official trailer for Whitney was released.

Check out the trailer below.

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