Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
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NBA Draft : A look at the players being talked about

NBA Draft : A look at the players being talked about

Two teams took leaps upward with Atlanta moving up one spot to third.

To fill out the frontcourt in a scenario in which the Suns select Doncic, Pelton looks at the market in free agency. Kokoskov coached Slovenia - and Doncic - to the gold medal at the European championships last summer.

Barring a trade of enormous proportions, Phoenix will choose first for the first time in its history, and it will be interesting to see who they pick in what is considered to be a top-heavy draft class.

"We have a small target grouping in mind, but we're not going to rule anything out at this point", McDonough said. Or maybe Luka Doncic gets to reunite with his past coach.

The second overall pick went to the Sacramento Kings, who had just a 5.3 per cent chance of landing the top overall pick. "But I think it's going to be motivational for us".

Selecting a big man this early in the draft can alter a franchise's direction.

Now, it's entirely possible that Doncic was simply saying this because it's the "right" thing to say before your team plays a big game.

This means the Memphis Grizzlies will pick fourth, the Dallas Mavericks fifth, the Orlando Magic sixth and the Chicago Bulls seventh.

"I thought we were going to get No. 1, though, but it's OK", she said.

Cleveland was in the lottery because it owns the Brooklyn Nets' first-round pick for 2018, thanks to the franchise-shifting trade in which the Cavaliers received two picks (including that one) and three players from the Boston Celtics for Irving.

The lottery has been around since 1985, was tweaked to a weighted system in 1990 and will be changing again next year in an effort to discourage teams from tanking.

The Suns had the greatest odds of winning the lottery, with a 25 percent chance to land the top pick. Unfortunately, the Denver has managed to never win the lottery or gain a better pick in any capacity. that is 33 years of staying in their projected draft slot or falling backward and ending up with a worse pick than originally expected.

"Extremely excited", Jackson said after the Suns were announced as the victor.

The Suns feel the same way about themselves. Also, let's not forget that the word "bust" can come out of the top pick from time to time.

Jimmer failed to become the star Sacramento wanted and the 10th overall pick was bought out of his rookie contract on February 27,2014.

"I knew when (a lottery official) went to look at the other side of the board we were in trouble", Grant said.

"Hopefully we won't be sitting up here too much longer", Jackson said.

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