Published: Fri, May 18, 2018

The White House's cybersecurity tsar has been dethroned

The White House's cybersecurity tsar has been dethroned

"The decision to eliminate the top White House cyber policy role is outrageous, especially given that we're facing more hostile threats from foreign adversaries than ever before".

Politico reported last week that Bolton was trying to eliminate the top cyber policy role.

The White House has eliminated the position of cybersecurity coordinator after President Donald Trump's first appointee for the job departed last week, a spokesman for the National Security Council confirmed on Tuesday.

The US National Security Council says the role is no longer needed.

In response to the council's move, Democrats in Congress have introduced legislation that would create a National Office for Cyberspace at the White House.

"We need a designated expert to harmonize cyber policy across the many agencies in government with responsibility in this space, ' Langevin, co-founder and co-chair of the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus, said".

A similar cybersecurity coordinator role in the State Department was eliminated and subsequently reinstated by then-Secretary of State Tillerson late past year following congressional backlash, and Senate legislation to make the position permanent is pending. "A coordinated effort to keep our information systems safe is paramount if we want to counter the cyber threats posed by foes like Russia, Iran, and China".

"Today's actions continue an effort to empower National Security Council senior directors".

The decision to do away with the role was met by criticism by government officials and cybersecurity experts, who fear that the Trump administration won't be ready to handle the increasing cybersecurity threats the United States is facing - from hacking of digital election systems to cyber penetration efforts by Russian and Iranian hackers.

Its place will be taken by two senior directors in the NSC.

In a statement, Langevin lamented Bolton's move as "enormous step backwards" that de-emphasized "the importance of this growing domain within the White House".

The email, sent by Bolton's aide Christine Samuelian, reads: "The role of cyber coordinator will end".

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