Published: Thu, May 31, 2018

Melania Trump's tweet fails to dispel conspiracy theories

Melania Trump's tweet fails to dispel conspiracy theories

First lady Melania Trump has been noticeably absent from the public eye since she underwent a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition -and rumors have been swirling in regards to her whereabouts.

However, Grisham wouldn't say when the news media or the public will be able to see the first lady again. "Rest assured, I'm here at the @WhiteHouse w my family, feeling great, & working hard on behalf of children & the American people!" she tweeted.

Melania's last public appearance was May 10 when three Americans were released by North Korea.

Four days later, the White House announced that the first lady had been admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to undergo minor surgery.

As highlighted by Politico reporter Kyle Cheney, Trump's Thursday morning tweet attacking the media for its Russian Federation probe coverage begins with the same phrasing as a Wednesday night Melania Trump tweet attacking the media for asking questions about her whereabouts.

The first lady tweeted Wednesday that she's "working hard" and "feeling great".

Speaking to CNN, Stephanie defended the First Lady for taking time away, saying it was not unusual at all. She marked Mother's Day and Memorial Day, expressed sympathy to victims of the Santa Fe shooting, and offered thanks to Britt Slabinski, a former navy seal, after he was presented with the Medal of Honor at the White House.

"She's looking at us, right there", the president said. Is the first lady OK, asks Twitter?

Nonetheless, she outshone the President, and the French President and first lady, in late-April, wearing a scene-stealing white hat to an official South Lawn arrival ceremony, garnering comparisons to Beyoncé.

Those close to Mrs Trump told Politico that she is behind the decision to reveal so little information about her absence from the spotlight.

She spoke out after wild - and totally unsubstantiated - internet rumors claimed that she had dumped Donald Trump and moved back to NY, reports Politico.

Still, suspicion was stirred on social media.

'She is doing great. I wouldn't characterise it as a long absence. Some doctors familiar with the procedure but not involved in her care said people treated with embolization typically are sent home the same day or the next.

About two weeks after the surgery, anti-Trump Twitter personality "Tea Pain" claimed that Melania changed her personal Twitter account's location to New York City, where she was based for two decades prior to her husband's inauguration as president.

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