Published: Thu, May 31, 2018

Roseanne Barr blames her racist tweet on sleeping pills

Roseanne Barr blames her racist tweet on sleeping pills

Roseanne Barr claimed that her sleeping tablets were to blame for the racist tweet she sent in which she compared a black government official to an ape.

"I did something unforgiveable so do not defend me", Barr wrote. "If it hadn't happened yesterday, this season would have been so very bad for everyone every day because she would have felt like she was [being] taken advantage [of], just like when I left the show".

Barr was responding to a comment about Valerie Jarrett, a top former aide to President Obama.

As most of the American public knows by now, the Barr tweet in question targeted Jarrett and said she appeared to be a cross between the "Muslim Brotherhood and 'Planet of the Apes'".

"Since the show was called Roseanne, they do not know how they would replace her, or if it would even work without her, but they have all gotten so much feedback asking them to rebrand and continue with the same cast", minus Barr. The White House press secretary also cited specific instances in which individuals associated with ABC made negative comments about the president. That's partly why Barr attacked her. Barr frequently uses her Twitter account to deride Democrats.

"Roseanne's Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have chose to cancel her show", ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said in a statement, via Variety.

But the drug's manufacturer, Sanofi, said in a statement: "While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication". "Today my words caused hundreds of hardworking people to lose their jobs", she said. "Roseanne" was a ratings blockbuster for ABC this season, which makes it a no-brainer as to why the network would be open to at least considering a continuation of some kind.

Jarrett said on Tuesday that Disney CEO Bob Iger called her before ABC announced the show's cancellation.

The comedy series won conservative plaudits because Barr plays a supporter of Mr Trump, a group largely ignored by Hollywood.

The Trump tweet continued, "Gee, he never called President Donald J. Trump to apologize for the disgusting statements made and said about me on ABC".

"I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks", Barr tweeted.

Barr said she was considering fighting back after her show was cancelled.

As for Barr's affinity for Donald Trump, Arnold admited he doesn't understand it.

She also promised to leave Twitter, but quickly returned.

"Good riddance", he tweeted about the "Roseanne" cancellation.

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