Published: Fri, June 01, 2018

'Murdered' Journalist Babchenko Fears New Assassination Attempts in Next Months

'Murdered' Journalist Babchenko Fears New Assassination Attempts in Next Months

Ukraine was accused of undermining the credibility of journalists. Others said it had handed the Kremlin a propaganda gift.

Babchenko collaborated with the Ukrainian security services to fake his own assassination on Tuesday before reappearing at a press briefing the next day. "Measures were taken to resuscitate me but it was not successful and I died, where the doctor established death".

His closest relatives were in on the hoax, including his wife, who had returned from a trip to Moscow on Monday, Mr Babchenko said.

The former war correspondent, who fled Russian Federation in 2017, was unapologetic for going along with the Ukrainian security forces' plan to stage his death.

Gritsak also said a Ukrainian citizen who allegedly was paid US$40,000 (NZ$57,120) by the Russian security service to organise and carry out the hit had been arrested.

The detained man had been ordered to buy weapons, including 300 Kalashnikovs, grenade launchers, and explosives which were to be stashed in central Ukraine, it added.

Russia's foreign ministry condemned the staged murder, calling it "obviously yet another anti-Russian provocation".

On Thursday Babchenko thanked the Ukrainian security service for saving his life.

But the former war correspondent was smeared in swine blood with the help of a makeup artist, he said during a joint interview in Kiev on Thursday. "It is always very unsafe for states to play with facts and especially on the backs of journalists". "It would be impolite to refuse", Babchenko said. And to top off Arkady Babchenko's staged murder, they even took him to the morgue.

The Committee to Protect Journalists also demanded that authorities explain "what necessitated [such an] extreme measure".

Arkady Babchenko at the Western Wall in June 2017.

Journalists and NGOs condemned the Ukrainian security forces for staging the assassination of the journalist and putin critic.

But in Kiev journalists who had gathered in the central Maidan square to mourn Babchenko cracked open champagne.

"Once the gates of the morgue closed behind me, I was resurrected", Babchenko said, saying he had then washed off the fake blood and dressed himself in a sheet. "I have never experienced such emotions at any official event".

"I realised that there is nowhere to flee". That is the first thing I am thinking about. The scribe had ended up in such conditions as he faced heavy criticism for stating that he did not mourn the deaths of a Russian military plane crash whose victims were predominantly pro-Kremlin journalists. The Kremlin called accusations of Russian involvement "the height of cynicism".

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