Published: Sun, June 03, 2018

Wynne Playing 'Dangerous Game' By Conceding She Can't Win: Horwath

Wynne Playing 'Dangerous Game' By Conceding She Can't Win: Horwath

Ontario Liberal Party Leader Kathleen Wynne waves as she boards her bus following a campaign stop at a west end Toronto street festival on Saturday, June 2, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario.

"If your concern is that you'd be electing me or electing a Liberal government, that's not going to happen", she said. "I don't know who voters will choose but I am pretty sure that it won't be me", Wynne told reporters, after polls put her in a distant third place behind the Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives and Andrea Horwath's New Democrats.

Premier Wynne has said she does not expect to be re-elected.

Media reports indicate she urged Ontario voters to vote for Liberal candidates and to try to prevent either the NDPs or Conservatives from winning a majority government.

At an emotional press conference the country's most unpopular premier (according to a recent poll) conceded what most of us have known for weeks - that after a marathon 15 years at the helm, the Liberals have run out of gas in Ontario and she will no longer be Premier come Thursday.

But NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said Sunday that she would not accept help from the Liberals to prop up an NDP government.

"Our system encourages and also thrives under minority governments at times, and this is one of those times", said Bortolin.

We're in the homestretch of this election campaign and I just wanted to say a few words about what lies ahead and my perspective on the decision left to voters.

She would not say what her political future will be or whether she will remain as party leader after the election.

Again, without the slightest recognition of the damage she's done to Ontario with her leftist Nanny State ideology, her reckless spending and her equally careless accumulation of debt, Wynne contended that PC Leader Doug Ford "would have too free a hand for most people" if he won a majority.

"People are saying to me, 'Ford can keep his $18".

Ford had little to say about the announcement, noting only that the election is about change and people are fed up. It's about the people of this province.

The Ontario Liberal Party also released a campaign ad echoing Wynne's warning about a majority government. And even if I won't be leading this province as premier, I care deeply about how it will be led. "But you better believe having more Liberals at Queen's Park to fend off whatever extreme policies a Doug Ford or an NDP government would bring forward, that's important".

There's only five more days until Election Day.

"I view it as the potential harm is greater than the gain but at this stage, I think the Liberals are doing all that they can to keep party status in the legislature and win enough seats that rebuilding is possible or much easier than if they get wiped out". They will fight for your votes.

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