Published: Mon, June 04, 2018

USA first lady Melania Trump to skip G7, North Korea summit

USA first lady Melania Trump to skip G7, North Korea summit

Four days later the White House told reporters that she was in the hospital at Walter Reed Medical Center after undergoing a "successful" kidney procedure for a "benign" condition.

At last years's G7 summit in Italy, Melania Trump not only traveled at her husband's side, she made headlines by showing up wearing a designer Dolce & Gabbana overcoat with a reported retail price of $51,500, according to a Washington Post report.

President Trump took a family vacation with his children, sparking concern over Melania's whereabouts.

Some have claimed that the first letters of her Thursday tweet were arranged to spell the word "Help", with the Brazilian artist who gave rise to the claim after rearranging the words of her statement stressing that it was intended as a joke as the theory gained traction on social media. Add the weird grammar and syntax plus the exclamation points, and these clues have convinced many people that this is from the President.

The first lady has not been seen publicly for 24 days.

Her prolonged absence has drawn not only a flood of conspiracy theories, but comparisons to what might have happened had any previous first lady pulled a similar disappearing act, as author Jessica Valenti wrote in The Guardian on Sunday. "She is doing great".

It's unclear when Trump will make a public appearance, but Grisham insisted Friday, "She is fine, she's doing great".

The Hill has reached out to the first lady's office for comment.

Black expressed sympathy for the first lady saying, "They treat her with the softest of kid gloves". She also joined her husband at their Florida estate to host the Japanese prime minister.

But CNN reported that Melania opted to spend the weekend at the White House. This lead to a rise in her popularity, with 57 percent of people surveyed in a CNN poll having a favorable impression of her, which was up from 47 percent in January. "They're probably just reminding her how to play well with others", wrote Carrey.

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