Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
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Ex-Cambridge Analytica chief admits researcher provided Facebook data

Ex-Cambridge Analytica chief admits researcher provided Facebook data

Mr Nix on Wednesday said the consultancy had been given data by Kogan.

Facebook, in its response, had said that the data of over 5.6 lakh users in India may have been accessed without their consent.

Former Cambridge Analytica boss Alexander Nix has accused Channel 4 News of having "heavily edited" footage of him being interviewed by an undercover journalist, which led to his suspension from the data company. The data was leaked by researcher Alksandr Kogan; after his admission that he did pass on the data to Cambridge Analytica, Nix retracted his version of events to admit his company did receive Facebook-generated data.

Alexander Nix was suspended as CEO by Cambridge Analytica in March with "immediate effect" after he was caught on camera in a Channel Four sting operation, boasting of dirty tactics to discredit politicians online.

Mr Nix declined to say whether he had taken eight million U.S. dollars out of CA shortly before its collapse, but insisted a Financial Times article carrying the allegation was based on inaccurate information.

Brittany Kaiser, a director at Cambridge Analytica, met with Assange on February 17, 2017 to have a "retrospective" discussion about the election, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

The media committee is investigating fake news, and focusing on the role of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook in the 2016 Brexit vote as well as the Trump election.

"My focus was on whether we still held the data".

"What Mr Nix actually said to our reporter, and which was broadcast by Channel 4 News and watched by over 3m people, was that his caveat: "they're just examples of what can be done", was followed by "and what has been done". "We've never undertaken any work that involves a honey trap or the use of a sex scandal or anything like that for political leverage or work on a campaign", Mr Nix said.

"Most of our time is spent selling toothpaste and automotives", he said.

Christopher Wylie is a Canadian data scientist who came forward with proof that Cambridge Analytica had funded the harvesting of Facebook profiles.

Mr Lucas retorted: "Facts are what we are presenting to you".

"At that stage we had deleted all of that data, but, on listening back to the transcript, it was clear I was asked whether we had ever been supplied with that data and my answer should have been yes", he said.

The Polo-playing product of the renowned public school Eton College reiterated his denial that the firm had worked on the campaigns to secure the British departure from the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

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