Published: Fri, June 08, 2018

Republican gets spot in runoff for California governor

Republican gets spot in runoff for California governor

Lastly, the 49th District Democrats did get a higher majority at 50.8 percent, but the Republican is in a margin of error at 48 percent of the vote.

But the biggest story in California may be the battle for control of the US House of Representatives.

But before the relief, and some muted celebration, there were nerves - and spin.

Republicans now control both the House and the Senate. In Iowa, Democratic secretary of state nominee Deidre DeJear became the first African American statewide nominee of a major party in state history.

The morning after, though, the picture looked much different.

Incumbent Republican Rep. Martha Roby was forced into a runoff, getting just 39 percent of the vote.

The committee spent millions in the California primary - cash that now won't be there in November when Democrats make their final push in critical races across the country.

If Democrats dominate in November, the 2018 primary will have done little to change the perception that California is solidly blue on the political map. "It would have been over".

More challenging would be the execution: Pulling it off without doing more damage to the organization's already fraught relationship with the progressive grass roots, which often criticize the committee for untimely interventions and candidate recruitment tactics, would be more hard. Let me zoom right in on these congressional races we've been talking so much about.

In any event, Trump remains unpopular, while Democrats remain highly engaged - their anti-Trump intensity reflected in polling and by turnout in primaries.

They succeeded in ensuring that there would be a Republican candidate in the governor's race - the premier contest in November - after fears that they might be shut out because of the top-two system.

"This seems unlikely, but is a possibility".

The committee's tactics - and timing - mitigated some of the nearly instinctive opposition to its involvement. Republicans won 53 percent of the primary vote on Tuesday.

Voters in seven other states went to the polls Tuesday.

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California and a sponsor of the recall, said recalling Newman "was only the first phase of our campaign".

The state's long-suffering GOP advanced businessman John Cox to the November governor's race, engineered the recall of a Democratic state senator and held its ground, at least for now, in a string of contested congressional races that could figure in the fight for control of the House.

Comparing the top four finishers, the two Democrats finished Tuesday with approximately 1.8 million votes compared to 1.4 million for Cox and Allen. That started at the same time as our pro-Harley spending. The ascendant days of the Reagan revolution are long gone in California.

In California, national Democrats spent more than US$7 million trying to fix the damage inflicted by Democrats attacking each other in districts where seats have opened because Republican Representatives Ed Royce and Darrell Issa are retiring, as well as in the district where Republican Dana Rohrabacher faces challenges from the left and the right.

The deep blue state enjoys a system that selects the top two qualifiers for the general election ballot by most votes garnered.

In two of those three Southern California districts, Democrats were coming in second place behind Republicans, but the races were too close to call early Wednesday, leaving Democrats at risk of being locked out.

Although a Democrat, Mr. Newman represents a traditionally conservative area and his sin, in the view of many of his constituents, was unforgivable: a vote in favor of an increase in a tax on gasoline, to pay for road repairs and bridges. But once again the results were there. If Democrats are to win the House in November, they must hope that is maintained through to Election Day, although there have been no signs that this energy is abating. It was still unclear whether a Republican would earn enough votes to oppose her on California's November ballot. She sits on several state boards and the State Lands Commission. Andy Kim, in New Jersey's 3rd, is now set for what's expected to be a feisty showdown with GOP Rep. Tom MacArthur. Payne did, however, lament that party leadership did not adequately support female candidates across Orange County. And for the second consecutive election, there will be no Republican on the U.S. Senate ballot in the fall, after Sen.

California held one of the biggest primaries, with races in several other layers of government also taking place, including courts, school boards and the addition of a ballot for the mayor of San Francisco, after the unexpected death of Ed Lee in December.

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