Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
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E3 2018: Linger in Loneliness With Sea of Solitude, Coming Early 2019

E3 2018: Linger in Loneliness With Sea of Solitude, Coming Early 2019

During EA Play 2018, we were introduced to German indie studio Jo-Mei, who is working with EA under their EA Originals label. EA picked up the title the following year as part of its EA Originals program. Sea of Solitude is an adventure game which is not going to shy from highlighting topics which are usually seldom seen in games.

The presentation for Sea of Solitude opened up with a very excited and emotional presenter Cornelia Geppert talking about just how overwhelming she found the experience of presenting at E3. As for the game's storyline, EA had this to say. It's about a young women who is suffering from such strong loneliness that her anger and hopelessness turns her into a monster to the outside world.

A third-person exploration game, Sea of Solitude looks akin to previous games such as Journey, which is say minimal from a gameplay perspective, but heavy on atmosphere and storytelling. Kay begins her journey to unravel what happened to her, on her way she finds out her enemies are not the huge monsters she encounters but something else far more risky. Sea of Solitude was revealed with an early 2019 launch date, and it's going to have players looking deep inside themselves by the time they're done. As a result, she becomes a monster; your goal is to restore her humanity. Does it seem like the kind of game you'd like to play, or are you more interested in Battlefield V, Anthem or the other titles announced during EA Play?

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