Published: Tue, June 12, 2018

Bashar al-Assad denies Moscow running show in Syria

Bashar al-Assad denies Moscow running show in Syria

Netanyahu said the new understandings were achieved during his three-day tour to Europe last week, during which he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Russian Federation has hinted that Iran should not remain near Israel's northern border. "That was the objective of the trip, and to a large extent, it was achieved".

"At any rate, I made it clear that we will take aggressive action against attempts to established security threats [in Syria], and, of course, against any attack on us", he continued.

Netanyahu has long warned that he will not allow Iran to solidify itself in Syria, arguing that such a scenario is a threat to Israel's national security.

On Wednesday, a senior diplomatic official told Israeli media that France, Britain and Germany reached a "general agreement" regarding the removal of Iranian forces from Syria.

Syrian President Bashar Assad says the West is fueling the devastating war in his country, now in its eighth year, with the aim of toppling him.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the cabinet on Sunday that his recent trip to Europe last week had resulted in "broad global agreement" that Iranian forces must withdraw from Syria.

Netanyahu said that Iran withdrawing from Syria was a "prerequisite" for Syria's rehabilitation and for its prosperity, and even for stability in the Middle East as a whole.

Assad tells the Mail on Sunday that Western nations have lied about chemical attacks in Syria and supported terrorist groups there, while Russian Federation has supported his government against the foreign "invasion".

Hezbollah terrorists and other pro-Iranian militants are fighting alongside Syrian soldiers near the Israeli border disguised in Syrian army uniforms, sources linked to Syrian rebel factions told The Wall Street Journal.

In an interview given to the British newspaper Mail on Sunday, released today, the president said that the West supported the war from the beginning, with support for the terrorists who bombed, killed and beheaded everywhere.

It is suspected of carrying out numerous raids on Syrian government positions and Hezbollah weapons caches over the years, and last month announced unprecedented strikes on what it said were Tehran-operated bases in Syria.

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