Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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Domino's is helping fix potholed roads so your pizza stays flawless

Domino's is helping fix potholed roads so your pizza stays flawless

Domino's is offering to fill "cracks, bumps and potholes" to smooth road conditions. "Domino's cares too much about its customers and pizza to let that happen". "We know that feeling is heightened when you're bringing home a carryout order from your local Domino's store", Russell Weiner, president of Domino's U.S., said in a statement.

Finally Domino's Pizza addressing a major concern of drivers who hit potholes: pizza jostling. But the first four municipalities to get assistance from the Ann Arbor-based pizza giant are all out of state.

"We don't want to lose any great-tasting pizza in a pothole, running a wonderful meal".

"Facing an already harsher winter than usual for DE, this is an opportunity to get additional money to stretch our city's limited resources", said Eric Norenberg, city manager of the town, on the website, Yahoo reported. It's a way to not only help communities in need of pothole fixes after a rough winter, but also furthers the brand's stance as a leader in food delivery. The company says it's already repaired roads in Bartonville, Texas; Milford, Delaware; Athens, Georgia; and Burbank, California, and the campaign will continue for three months throughout the summer.

No, they are not building the pizza highway (yet) but they are going around filling in potholes that their customers nominate as especially obnoxious, according to Yahoo!

"Paving for Pizza" is a new initiative run by the chain to help cities and local government fix aging and deteriorated roads.

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