Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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Donald Trump Slams Justin Trudeau, Calls Him "Dishonest & Weak" Over G7 Verdict

Donald Trump Slams Justin Trudeau, Calls Him

Is Justin Trudeau's Left eyebrow falling off? Soon, many others on social media were sharing the footage in question.

A satirical Twitter handle titled "Trudeau's eyebrows" was created on 9 June to poke fun at the prime minister and his "fake" eyebrows.

You've heard of politicians raising eyebrows, but this is the first time the public has seen one lowering them - perhaps involuntarily.

May 31 - The Trump administration announces that Canada will no longer be exempt from steel and aluminum tariffs, prompting the Trudeau government to announce its own counter-measures.

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And GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger said he was "confused" when he saw the remarks from Navarro. Take the WND Poll!

But the PM's spokesman left no doubt that Mrs May continued to regard the communique as binding on the US.

On Sunday's CNN's "State of the Union", Kudlow called Trudeau's criticism of USA tariffs "non-factual", adding that Canada had "enormous tariffs" on us imports. "I don't understand the obsession with trade relations with Canada", he said on Fox's "Sunday Morning Futures", given that Canada is the biggest single buyer of American goods and services in the world.

Trump himself told reporters on Saturday that the summit was not contentious and called his relationship with G7 allies a "10".

US President Donald Trump's disavowal of a joint statement after the Group of Seven meeting was made to avoid looking weak going into the North Korea summit after "sophomoric" comments by Canada's Justin Trudeau, a top aide said.

"We will always stand for Canadian workers and thank our colleagues opposite for their support", said LeBlanc.

In his interview Sunday, Kudlow accused Trudeau of making his comments for "domestic political consumption" and doing "a great disservice to the whole G7".

"Canadians, we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around", Trudeau said after the summit ended in controversy.

Also in response, Larry Kudlow, director of the White House's National Economic Council, said on Sunday in an interview with CNN that Trudeau betrayed Trump with "polarizing" statements on US trade policy.

"He's playing with fire", said one senior government official of U.S. President Donald Trump's threat to impose new tariffs on the auto industry.

Trump, who attended a G7 meeting in Quebec before heading to Singapore on Saturday, withdrew from a joint statement drafted by the global organization on trade. "He was even willing to sign that socialist communique".

Reacting to the same, Kudlow said, "Trudeau really kind of stabbed us in the back".

Is Donald Trump so unprepared for his talks with North Korea that the trade dispute with Canada is going to throw him off his highly vaunted game?

The outburst against Trudeau, and by association the other G7 members, is only the latest incident in which Trump has clashed with America's closest allies, even as he has had warm words for autocrats like Kim and Russia's Vladimir Putin.

"Canada will impose more tariffs; the trade war will get worse before it gets better", Valliere said.

What did Trudeau and Trump say? Does he wear the makeup in the family? "There is a movement in our party that Trump's seized that got him the nomination, and eventually became president of the United States". Susan Collins took to Twitter, highlighting how many border communities are "truly intertwined," and how it's a friendship that "must" be preserved. Trudeau will now pop up as a result.

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