Published: Tue, June 12, 2018

House Republicans in eleventh-hour attempt for immigration accord

House Republicans in eleventh-hour attempt for immigration accord

For now, that progress seemed to buy GOP leaders more time before an immigration civil war erupts - at least until next week. One is a proposal sketched out by Rep. Raúl R. Labrador (R-Idaho) that would create a new class of visas by combining existing visa categories. And I think working on a bipartisan basis is a good thing.

"I can not look my children in the eye and justify a vote for a man who promotes and boasts about sexually assaulting women", Roby said.

Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., who chairs the conservative Republican Study Committee and has been involved in smaller negotiations leading up to Thursday's meeting, said Thursday's session wasn't meant to finalize a deal but to "get everything on the table".

Perhaps what we expect from unaffiliated voters is a reflection of our hopes and fears more than anything else. "But those of us in the meeting accepted what they were offering". "If there is a desire to address other issues, the Chamber urges the House to reject significant cuts to legal immigration and to consider including measures that provide certainty to other groups of individuals who are at risk of losing their legal ability to work in the United States".

"The key is, as I've said all along, is we just don't feel like there should be a special pathway, and so we're trying to figure out one that's not a special pathway", said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), one of the conservative negotiators.

"We saw Republicans turning out in droves in six of the seven battleground House seats yesterday, that Democrats were counting on to flip the House", she said.

As the details are hashed out, moderates have hit pause on signatures for what is known as a discharge petition, the moderates' attempt to bypass GOP leaders and force a set of immigration votes on the House floor. There are two interconnected findings in the survey that suggest the Republican vision of what voters think about Trump and the GOP may be somewhat misguided.

Denham said that without a deal, the moderates' threat to force the House to consider four immigration bills remains in effect. "There's still some blanks to be filled but it's fairly detailed right now".

With those dynamics in mind, moderates may not be wrong that their best bet is to force the House GOP's hand with the discharge petition, both for their own political interests and potentially for policy results. Moderates are only a handful of signatures away from forcing the votes, but have held off on the final support as negotiations with leadership have intensified.

That possibility alarmed Democratic leaders, leading to last-minute - and successful - efforts to thin the herd and spend heavily to boost favored Democratic candidates and attack Republicans.

Each side has met somewhat in the middle, with conservatives floating the idea of a merit-based point system for green cards that DACA recipients could participate in and moderates willing to give in on most of the other conservative priorities.

Meadows, however, said if Labrador is making offers, they are not on behalf of the Freedom Caucus.

"They will be asked which primary they wish to vote in", Bosserman said.

Conservatives have been adamant about not providing a "special" process carving out a unique way for Dreamers to gain legal status, and some of them bristled at Denham's narrower description.

By overwhelming backing a left-leaning candidate like Newsom over a relative moderate like Villaraigosa, the Democrats have left the Republican Party an opening in California, he said.

As he prepares to exit his political career at the end of the year, House Speaker Paul Ryan is struggling to control various factions in the Republican conference as a heated immigration fight consumes the agenda in Congress. The president gets net negative ratings for his handling of immigration (43 percent approve vs. 52 percent disapprove), foreign policy (42-49), and global trade (41-49).

While the fundamentals of the debate did not appear to shift after the meeting, Ryan signaled that Republicans would be moving closer to a floor vote. "Now that we've got an outline on paper, we've got specific issues we can discuss and see if we can come together", he said.

The GOP candidates will be in a better position heading into the general election, Broom said, with hotly contested Democratic primaries like the one between Clark County Commissioners Steve Sisolak and Chris Giunchigliani taking up a lot of campaign cash. Members, including Walker and Denham, have said they have been in touch with White House aides including Short and top adviser Stephen Miller. If the bill comes to the floor before lawmakers succeed with the discharge petition, the effort could be stymied.

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