Published: Tue, June 12, 2018

Love Island's Kendall 'gutted' to be first contestant dumped

Love Island's Kendall 'gutted' to be first contestant dumped

But they believe that Adam Collard will recouple with newcomer Rosie Williams, leaving Kendall Rae Knight on her own.

"Casting continues while the series is on air with Producers adding to a pool of potential Islanders".

Speaking after being booted off, she revealed she's "gutted" to be the first out, and explained who she had her eye on...

She admitted: "I am a little bit gutted to be the first one out. I won't lie, it's not nice being the first one out, but I do feel positive that I did everything I wanted to do, and I stood my ground, and I have no regrets about what I did." she said after leaving the villa.

She was such a good friend to me. But I'm not daft, I've got something between my ears at the same time.

"The boys will choose and the girl not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the island".

Dr Alex hasn't had the easiest time on Love Island
Dr Alex hasn't had the easiest time on Love Island

Adam said: 'I'm not complaining about taking it slow but what I'm saying is you're cuddling us and stuff in bed, but then when I come up and have a chat with you, you pull away. I think we had the most connection. We were both attracted to each other. "I wouldn't want the stereotype of "Oh, let's go, let's get f****d".

Right look, we know Love Island isn't exactly a show about politics or current affairs (unless they're sexy affairs on the beach, obvs) but how the hell does anyone over the age of 8, living in the United Kingdom, no scrap that, living in Europe, not know what Brexit is? HOW?

Out of the final recoupling, only Niall and Adam chose not to return to their original match up, with Wes opting for Laura, Dr Alex choosing Samira, Jack picking Dani.

"Just because Adam's pied me now, I'm not going to jump on anyone else". But over the past couple of days, they have seemed really close.

"They get each other, which is really nice".

Love Island bosses are still on the lookout for stunning single ladies and ripped blokes to enter the 2018 series as "bombshell" contestants.

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