Published: Tue, June 12, 2018

Man 'armed with bomb' takes pregnant woman hostage in Paris

Man 'armed with bomb' takes pregnant woman hostage in Paris

The incident is not believed to be terror-related.

The man reportedly asked to speak to the Iranian embassy to deliver a message to the French government, Reuters reports.

Anti-terrorist police are surrounding the Mixicom computer store in the French capital's 10th arrondissement, close to the Gare du Nord Eurostar hub.

Authorities said that officers from a specialist unit had arrived on site in response to an "unstable person" who was holding two people.

An armed man has taken a number of people hostage, according to reports, including a pregnant woman.

Witnesses said the man claimed to be in possession of a gun and bomb.

The Evening Standard reports the attack doused the remaining two hostages in petrol.

The hostage-taker reportedly entered the building in Rue des Petites Ecuries, pretending to be a food-delivery courier, at around 4pm local time.

The police said they could not confirm whether the man was armed. Law enforcement officials cordoned off the area. "His demands were really vague and incoherent", said an interior ministry official.

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