Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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Microsoft Reveals HALO: INFINITE With Surprise Trailer at E3

Microsoft Reveals HALO: INFINITE With Surprise Trailer at E3

No publisher at E3 2018 needs a win more than Microsoft.

We are still to be convinced that cloud game streaming is a viable service, considering many, such as OnLive, have fallen by the wayside in recent years.

Though Microsoft doesn't have the data to back this up, Spencer asserts that it's possible for games on Game Pass to actually sell more copies overall despite the fact that they're available with a Game Pass subscription.

Players will travel to Europe in Microsoft's newest version of its "Forza" auto racing game, to be released for Xbox consoles and PCs on October 2. The real "wow" factor, and proof that Microsoft is serious about tackling its software drought, was the announcement of five new developers becoming first party studios, developing exclusively for Microsoft from here on out. And even the faster, more expensive Xbox One X at $500 ($450 for a limited time) doesn't make the system feel as snappy as you would expect. Based on the trailer and other hints from 343 Industries, will Halo Infinite be the first truly open world game in the franchise?

Obviously the major console makers, such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, have to consider the future of gaming and how games are likely to be played.

Also of note was Microsoft's pledge to make games ready to play far quicker with Fast Start, which actually seems to align with the console's initial plans for nearly immediate play.

It was nice to see something new from the Halo franchise, as it is definitely Microsoft's top franchise.

The game is called Halo: Infinite and it's still developed by 343 Industries and it's powered by something called the "slipspace engine".The game follows Master Chief once again as he, once again, ventures out to save the world. Microsoft said that The Initiative: "Is working to create groundbreaking new worlds, characters and game experiences". Microsoft and Electronic Arts used their own pre-E3 press conferences to tease us about their plans to offer game streaming services that, in theory, would offer console-level games to smartphones and other devices.

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